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Chad and Nichole Toney have been married 25+ years and have worked together in Chad's business for almost all of those years.  Not only are they a great team in the office, they are also a great team doing almost anything else!  Whether it is parenting their two daughters, SCUBA diving, cutting a trail through the woods, bailing hay, traveling the world, or running the barn at Brackett Town Farms...they do it together!  Their daughters, Caitlyn and Claire, are the joy of their lives.  Team Toney, as they call themselves, has jumped in together working on the farm.  It's not always easy, but it is always an ADVENTURE!

FamilyPic 2021.HEIC

The farm started when Chad and Nichole were blessed with family property in Nebo, NC.  A few chickens and a dog soon began to grow...a lot.  The entire Toney family LOVES animals!  The problem is...they all love DIFFERENT animals.  Hence, the joke was made: Lets Start a Petting Zoo...It will give Chad something to do when he retires!  But realizing neither of them wanted to run another business, the idea of a free, appointment only petting farm began to grow.  After prayer and discussion God laid it on the Toney's hearts to share their animals in a therapeutic way.  Animals have the amazing power to heal the heart and create a special connection. 

Hence, Brackett Town Farms was born!

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